Adventurous is a warm green denoting harmony and relaxation.  It nurtures the color palette for..
Assured is a sweet, soft, light blue that has a great feeling of calmness.  Perfect for a littl..
Bold is an energetic, bright red that speaks love, happiness, and vitality.  You can't resist f..
Brave is a relaxing yet unmistakable light gray.  It blends well with other colors and offers a..
Committed is a dark, pure black; the color of ink used to sign the Declaration of Independence. &nbs..
Constant is a soft, light green color.  It has a balancing affect.  This lovely mint color..
Courage is a dark turquoise color that radiates classic beauty.  It is soothing and adds grace ..
Pinners is two great events in one. It's a conference featuring over 90 Pinterest-based classes taug..


Daring is an exuberant, dark pink that embodies a confident yet playful decor for girls, whether inf..
Dauntless is a medium gray that is both stately and graceful.  Furniture painted in this pleasa..
Determined is a red often used to paint the barns that hold the harvest and livestock to feed and su..
Endurance is a medium warm beige with a slight melted butter yellow tone to it.  It creates a s..
Faithful is a luxurious medium shade between beige and brown.  It is tender and comforting, yet..
Fortitude is a dark chocolate brown color.  Its delicious color calls up all the enjoyment of s..
Generous is a medium shade turquoise color.  It is the essence of the soothing qualities of tur..


Monticello Paint was born from the love of two companions: color and furniture.  Our motto, “Find it, Paint it, Cherish it!” exemplifies the hopes of those seeking a creative and affordable way to beautify their surroundings.


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